MixCont adds new tools to its Adaptive Control System

MixCont's online process analysing tools define and inform machine operators with the ML-like value achieved by the end of the batch mixing in the mixer. The ML-like value appears on the screen of the control computer as soon as the batch is discharged from the mixer. If the mixing is controlled with the MixCont Control System, the user can give the system command to decrease/increase the achieved value. The ML-like value correlates well with Mooney viscosity or ML from MDR-like laboratory devices.

The MixCont Control System reacts and informs about any regular or/and irregular event which can influence quality or productivity, such as changes in properties of raw materials, problems with materials feeding, sliding effect after lubricators or fillers introduction, and other events which are not transparent or visible by traditional routines of process control and supervision. Just after the batch is discharged, the process engineer becomes aware about lots of different problems with the quality of the batch. New MixCont diagnostics tools are able to identify hidden problems like pressure valves spontaneous malfunctions in hydraulic pressure contour, sporadic short term signal interferences in control cables, different types of malfunctions in thermocouple behaviour, problems with the ram position sensor and others, which are identified as soon as they happen. These capabilities became possible as a result of the continuous further development of the intelligent algorithms the MixCont system is based on, and due to 25 years of experience obtained in rubber mixing for different types of compounds and for different types of mixers, according to the company.

Now the new tools become standard in MixCont's delivery package of its Adaptive Self-learning Mixing Control.