Mitsubishi and BioAmber join forces on biobased PBS


BioAmber and Mitsubishi Chemical have joined forces to find a lower cost bioderived succinic acid that will in turn reduce the price of Mitsubishi's patented polybutylene succinate (PBS) resin, a renewable biodegradable polymer, while boosting its bio content to more than 50% and accelerating its growth.

BioAmber Inc. (Minneapolis) has signed a strategic agreement with Mitsubishi Chemical that makes the company and its Asian distribution partner, Mitsui & Co., the exclusive suppliers of biobased succinic acid to Mitsubishi Chemical. The three companies are also undertaking a feasibility study on a new succinic acid production facility to be built next to Mitsubishi's planned PBS production plant in Thailand. A BioAmber spokesperson told PlasticsToday the feasibility study will be completed by the end of the year. At this time, Mitsubishi uses succinic acid derived from maleic anhydride, while BioAmber's is derived from renewable feedstocks like glucose from wheat starch. "Longer term, we are looking at using biomass such as forestry or agricultural waste," the spokesperson said. ...
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