Minor PP supply disruption hits Ford


An outage at Nova Chemicals' Corunna, Ontario petrochemical complex has forced polypropylene (PP) resin supplier Flint Hills Resources to declare force majeure on September 28 for supply of PP from its Marysville, Michigan plant to key molders in the area serving automakers such as Ford Motor. But the effects on the region's processing sector may prove minimal.

Nova Chemicals (Calgary, AB) expects to restart its feedstock facility on October 24 while Flint Hills Resources (Wichita, KS) reports it possesses approximately two weeks of inventory. Flint Hills has, however, switched to shipments on an allocation basis, resulting in shortages anticipated by Ford of around 234,000 lb. (more than 100 tonnes) of resin spread over four grades in the case of its molders from November through January.

Molders serving Ford include NYX, Inc. (Livonia, MI), Wilbert Plastic Services (Belmont, NC), Faurecia, International Automotive Components (IAC; Southfield, MI), and JCIM (Kentwood, MI).-mpweditorial@ubm.com