Mineral filler reduces resin usage, improves flow properties

Minerals Technologies Inc. (New York, NY) has launched a new calcium carbonate product for reinforcement of plastic, called Vicron FRP, for use in such applications as sheet molding compound (SMC), bulk molding compound (BMC) and thermoset polyesters. The product was developed by Specialty Minerals Inc. (New York, NY), a wholly owned subsidiary of Minerals Technologies and leading supplier of mineral additives.

Vicron FRP has been specifically designed with controlled particle size and surface treatment to reduce resin usage and improve flow of plastic compounds. Vicron FRP reduces the viscosity of thermoset compounds to improve the productivity and quality by providing a better mold-cavity fill at a faster rate.

Reinforcement with Vicron FRP provides excellent mechanical properties of the finished thermoset part. Incorporating Vicron FRP is said to be a cost-effective solution for reinforced plastic applications without sacrificing performance properties....

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