Milling the Gentle Way - A Sieve Mill for Heat Sensitive Products


New, yes, but based on tried and tested principles yet with improved ergonomics — that was the thinking of the designers at size reduction specialist Frewitt as they developed the OscilloWitt, their latest technology for the gentle milling of heat-sensitive products.

The very name OscilloWitt reveals the defining characteristic of the new sieve mill: its oscillating rotor. This core component was borrowed from Frewitt’s previous model, the MF line of mills, and brings the same proven advantages. The oscillating rotor means less heat build-up to damage sensitive materials, and a milled product with more uniform grain size and minimal fines.

Although the OscilloWitt operates on the same principle as the previous model, it brings several new features to improve versatility, ease of use and product quality. The acceleration of the oscillating rotor can now be controlled over a variable angle. Setting of the distance between the rotor and the sieve has been simplified. Stepwise adjustment of the oscillation amplitude compensates for normal rotor wear, so less-frequent maintenance is needed....
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