Milano Recycle City conference showcases the city's organic waste collection model


The importance of diverting organic waste - the bulk of all waste that is generated - from landfill is now finally starting to be recognized. Not only is there a heightened awareness of the impact of landfill-generated methane emissions, the realization is growing that organic waste is a resource that can be put to work in a host of beneficial ways. Organic waste management, in short, is suddenly on the agenda, and cities around the world are trying to figure out the best way to approach the problem.

In Milan, a system introduced in February 2012 is attracting the interest of municipalities from around the world. Why? Because it works.

Hence on June 6, 2014, the city organized the Milano Recycle City conference, which was attended by delegates from municipalities ranging from New York, Berlin and Ljubljana to Gothenburg and various municipalities in Holland. Key presentations focused on topics such as best practices in separate collection in large metropolitan areas and the role of residential food waste collections in densely populated areas. Also, a closer look was taken at what Milan was doing right.
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