Milacron launches tooling partnership with Big 3 Precision Molds


Milacron, combining the collective technologies of Uniloy, Mold-Masters, Kortec and DME, has launched a partnership agreement with Big 3 Precision Molds. This partnership brings together the development and commercialization of technologies in the injection blowmolding sector of the plastics industry. The partnership features a technical center that will allow Milacron and Big 3 to work closely with customers for the development of injection blow systems, both for monolayer and co-injection applications.

The technical center will be located at Big 3 Precision's Millville, NJ, facility. In addition to the moldmaking capabilities, the partnership will provide a GMP certified, climate-controlled lab with two Uniloy injection blowmolding machines.

One of the Uniloy machines is dedicated to monolayer applications utilizing the UIB 199-3 Hybrid injection blowmolding machine. To facilitate this development work, and in addition to the machine, the consortium will have available a 20-cavity test mold with the latest Mold-Masters Axiom hot runner technology for a 50/60 cc tablet bottle.

This machine system will be available for customer demonstrations along with training programs, including, but not necessarily limited to, the set-up, operation, maintenance and processing of systems as well as each of the individual components; machine, mold and hot runners.

For co-injection blow molding development, there will be a smaller Uniloy injection blow molding machine outfitted withco-injection hot runner technologies from Mold-Masters & Kortec including the versatile E-Multi auxiliary injection unit from Mold-Masters.
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