Milacron launches advanced technology package


Milacron has introduced its new technology package, which is designed to provide engineers, purchasing and maintenance staff with digital resources that will help them see real-time data, diagnose issues and order the right replacement parts online.

Milacron Aftermarket has bundled its three new technology tools: the Interactive Parts Catalog, Interactive Technical Manual and Remote Monitoring Services. The PART-nership program is designed to support maintenance activities and provide quick access to parts for injection and extrusion machines at competitive prices to allow single sourcing activities with the support of working with the original equipment manufacturer. Customers in the PART-nership program will have access to their Interactive Parts Catalog, and receive reduced cost options for the Interactive Technical Manual and Remote Monitoring Services, as they select those options.

"We are a technology company, and we see the tremendous value that online resources and customized digital information can provide for our customers," said Dean Roberts, president of aftermarket at Milacron. "By using this technology, customers can be confident they have ongoing access to needed replacement parts and can access critical data about their machine processing and efficiency, which provides greater uptime."
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