Mid-East plastic production capacity to jump 67% by 2015


In less then four years time, the annual plastic production capacity in the Gulf is set to nearly double from 18 million tonnes in 2011 to more than 30 million tonnes by 2015. The Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Assn. (GPCA) released those figures in advance of its second GPCA Plastics Summit, to be held April 4-6 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Festival City, Dubai. The new capacity will boost the region's stature in key commodity resins like polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), lifting the Gulf's global share of PE and PP from 13% and 11%, respectively, to 18% and 15%.

The GPCA also noted that new first-time capacity for non-commodity plastics, including engineering resins and synthetic rubber is forecast to stimulate a new set of downstream plastic-conversion industries in the region. The second annual conference will spend its second day addressing three main topics:

•Ways in which the Gulf can eventually grow to become a "global powerhouse in plastic products"
•Analyzing emerging trends and new growth opportunities in the Gulf
•How to efficiently manage plastic waste to reduce environmental damage...
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