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Micron Mica

Micron Mica Series
Mica is a generic term applied to a group of complex Alumino-silicate minerals having a sheet or plate like structure. Micron Mica is a grade name of Mica series, manufactured by 20 Microns Limited.

Micron Mica is dry milled muscovite mica with high brightness and high purity. Micron Mica possess high reflective and refractive index imparting natural pearl-like luster and magical gloss with abundant facinating colours and enticing appearance. This products has an excetional platy structure with a very high aspect ratio, achieve by meticulous care and precaution is taken during production to avoid deterioration of it is natural brilliance, colour and properties.

This Products is free from crystalline silica and free of asbestos.

Micron Mica is muscovite mica with general formula:
K2O3 ∙Al2O3∙6SiO2∙H2O/KAl2(OH,F)2AlSi3O10

Specific Properties of Micron Mica:

Natural fine particles
Marked lamellar structure
High aspect ratio
High purity
Extremely low heavy metal content
Asbestos free
Mica is extensively used in industries like in Plastics, Paints, Cosmetics and Rubber.