Micromachining center achieves precision, repeatability required to produce medtech molds


A new micromachining center from Japanese machine builder Yasda is designed for the manufacture of molds and components with challenging micro-sized geometries that are typical in the medical and semiconductor sectors, for example. The new Yasda YMC 430 Ver. IIA is distributed in the United States by Methods Machine Tools Inc. (Sudbury, MA).

Linear-motor-driven control axes and a rigid machine structure impart speed and precision to the machine, according to Methods Machine Tools. The system achieves micrometer-level accuracy in linear positioning and circularity, and comes equipped with a 40,000-rpm spindle designed and manufactured by Yasda to minimize vibration and ensure reliability and repeatability in micromilling applications. The YMC 430 Ver. IIA is available in three- or five-axis versions.

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