Mexico City bag ban piques PLA interest


Extrusion equipment supplier Ghioldi set up and ran polylactic acid (PLA) bioplastic on a blown-film line at the recent Plastimagen event, looking to capitalize on the local market's interest in biodegradable bags, spurred in part by an on again off again plastic bag ban. "We see a lot of interest in Mexico," explained Filippo Ghioldi. "No one really knows what biodegradable, oxodegradable, etc. films are so we wanted to have a machine running at the show."

The Ghioldi line processed a Novamont Mater Bi PLA resin in a single-layer blown-film set up. The 65-mm extruder had a machine output of 110 kg/hr through a 200-mm die, producing a 1.2m wide web, which was wound. The system had been sold into the local market and will be the first of its kind in Mexico, according to Ghioldi.

Ghioldi noted that his business has been a long-time collaborator with fellow Italian firm, Novamont, working to optimize that company's material for the extrusion process. Ghioldi has actually supplied several extrusion lines for Novamont's lab....
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