Mexico’s domestic market stokes burgeoning plastics sector


Cultural ties, commerce, and a common border inextricably link the U.S. and Mexico, but while the most recent slowdown in the states was felt within the Mexican plastics manufacturing sector, the overall impact of the 2008-2009 slowdown was less acute, suggesting a decoupling of sorts is underway.

"I think Mexico is now in a very different position than in the past in many ways," explained Rafael Villaseñor, manager of project engineering and sales at China Plastic Machinery SA de CV. Villaseñor, whose company represents the Chinese injection molding machine manufacturer Haitian in Mexico, said his country still depends on the U.S., but "in the past, if the U.S. was down, it would push Mexico into the floor." Villaseñor and others shared their views on the Mexican market with PlasticsToday during the recently completed Plastimagen (Oct. 4-7; Mexico City).

Alexander Kramer, technical manager at Avance Industrial SA, the Mexican sales and service representative for Sumitomo Demag, Frigel, and Motan-Colortronic, noted the symbiotic relationship between the U.S. and Mexico, historically driven by the fact that a huge proportion of Mexico's exports end up with their neighbor to the north, but added that domestic consumption is growing into a counterweight to the American consumer....
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