Metal-free film exhibits chrome effect

A metallic luster film containing no metal whatsoever is making inroads in the automotive sector, replacing solutions based on plating, coating and metal vapor deposition. P!CASUS film from Toray Industries (Tokyo) is a conductive PET-based film of thickness 100-145 micrometers comprising several hundred individual lamellar layers or more formed during the extrusion process with precise control of layer thickness.

The refractive effect of these individual layers in P!CASUS film can be exploited in components such as speedometers and decorative components whose color can be varied from chrome-like to a light-transmitting color through light application.

The film can be used in roll-to-roll in-mold decoration processes, or in the form of discrete film inserts in the injection molding process. Besides metallic luster, it can also be supplied in embossed, brushed and matt finishes.