Melamine foam saves weight, shields sound in Montreal subway trains


A melamine foam from BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany) is now being used for thermal and acoustic insulation in the ceilings of 468 new metro cars being built by Bombardier for the Montreal subway. Bombardier chose Basotect-based acoustic foam parts provided by Artik/OEM, Inc. (Ajax, ON), a foam converter with locations in Canada as well as the United States.

With a density of only 9 kg/m³, Basotect helps to reduce the overall weight of the cars and thus contributes to the goals of Bombardier to enhance performance and to increase the energy efficiency of their trains. Using Basotect to replace fiberglass resulted in a 35% weight savings of the roof insulation. In addition, installation of the Basotect parts at the La Pocatière, Quebec, Canada facility is much simpler, providing time and cost savings. This is all accomplished without having to sacrifice sound absorption or on fire properties of the insulation.

Due to Basotect's open-cell, fine foam structure, the sound absorption values in the medium and high frequency ranges are reportedly very good. Therefore, passengers of the Montreal subway will experience lower levels of noise within the cars and a more comfortable environment overall.

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