Megatrends to Business – interview with Patrick Thomas, CEO, Bayer MaterialScience


Bayer MaterialScience is committed to help meet the global challenges of energy shortages and climate change through innovative and sustainable technologies and processes. This is the company's central message at K 2010. The company aims to be a prominent part of the solution in tackling the effects of global megatrends such as the growing population and increasing urbanization. Prior to the show, CHEManager Europe interviewed Patrick Thomas, CEO, Bayer MaterialScience, about past, present and the future of the plastics industry.

CHEManager Europe: What have been the most significant changes to the industry since the last show in 2007?

P. Thomas: The global financial crisis had a huge impact on the polymer industry, but this industry is now recovering - Bayer MaterialScience, for instance, increased its turnover in the first half of this year by more than 40 % compared with 2009. Innovation remains a major focus for our company, irrespective of the general economic climate. Last year we invested €340 million in R&D activities, including customer-related developments. Demand is growing, especially in Asia, our market of the future....
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