Medtech supplier Raumedic doubles down on cleanroom extrusion of Moldflon PTFE


Raumedic (Helmbrechts, Germany) has successfully extruded Moldflon PTFE for its medical customers since 2012, when it reached an agreement with material developer ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik (Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany) for cleanroom extrusion rights. The material has found favor with medical manufacturers because it offers significant benefits for continuous extrusion of tubing over conventional PTFE. Raumedic has just announced that it has further developed Moldflon cleanroom extrusion for a range of medical device applications and that it has conducted testing to demonstrate the material's benefits in secondary thermoforming operations, such as tipping and flaring. The company will showcase its latest capabilities at MD&M East in New York City next month.

Moldflon is a biocompatible thermoplastic with similar physical properties to traditional PTFE in terms of melting point, continuous service temperature, coefficient of friction, tensile strength and dielectric constant. The outer diameters of Moldflon PTFE liners can be etched chemically with sodium napthalene or with plasma activation, which is an environment- and workplace-friendly technology.

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