Medical tubing sensor enables precise, real-time measurement of liquid flow


Sensirion AG (Staefa, Switzerland) has introduced a low-cost disposable sensor that precisely measures liquid flow inside medical tubing used in infusion sets, catheters, and related medical devices in real time. The LD20-2000T sensor has the potential to optimize procedures by making them easier to monitor and control, according to Sensirion. Patient safety also is improved through the automatic detection of failure modes such as clogging, free flow, air bubbles, or leaks in the tubing connection.

A microchip inside the sensor measures flow rates from 0 to 420 ml/h and beyond to an accuracy of 5% of the measured value. Inert medical-grade wetted materials ensure sterile operation with no contamination of the fluid. The straight, open-flow channel with no moving parts guarantees reliability, and Sensirion's CMOSens technology ensures that the fully calibrated signal is processed and linearized on the 7.4-mm2 chip .
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