Medical device maker World of Medicine acquires its own molder


World of Medicine, which manufactures and markets devices for minimally invasive surgery, has acquired Welscher GmbH Kunststoff-Formteile, an injection molder and moldmaker, from the processor's family owners. The molder last month filed for bankruptcy. Terms were not revealed but WOM said it paid for the molder with assets on hand.

World Of Medicine (WOM) is based in Berlin, Germany, with a sales and marketing office in Orlando, FL and a production facility in Ludwigsstadt, Germany, about 90 minutes drive from Welscher. WOM's 2010 sales were a company record, €38.4 million, about 13% above 2009 figures. It employs some 230.

WOM management note the acquisition gives them control over their sourcing for injection molds plus molded parts, and made particular note of the OEM's need for molds. Welscher has liquid silicone rubber (LSR and multi-component molding machines, and has experience building single- and multi-component molds.