Medical Musings: Thumbs up for PC, down for PVC at J&J's Ethicon unit


Medical device manufacturers are the middlemen in the ongoing debate about safety of plastics. On the one hand are reports, often by prestigious organizations, showing a research project's questioning of the health effects of a particular plastic. The research projects may or not be translatable to a whole population and the research protocol itself may be open to question. No matter, however, when the researchers issue a press release. The media reports that such and such a plastic is not safe for use.

The industry mobilizes through groups such as the American Chemistry Council or the Vinyl Institute to poke holes in the quality of the research and to publicize alternative research which shows that the plastics are safe.

In a webcast sponsored by Styron this week, there was an interesting opportunity to lift up the curtain at a major device manufacturer to see what they are doing on the subject of plastics' fitness....
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