Medical Musings: The extractables' issue is heating up


One of the major themes at Medical Design and Manufacturing West last week (Anaheim, CA) was the growing focus on extractables in healthcare applications. This is not a new issue, of course, but there are many signs the rubber is starting to hit the road.

The first indication of a shifting landscape came last month when California-based Kaiser Permanente announced it will no longer use PVC in tubing or bags because of concerns about plasticizers and dioxins. The health care giant had issued a Sustainability Scorecard in 2010 where it raised concerns about PVC. The move from "concern" to "ban" is a big one.

PC, PVC and more

There are signs that other large health care organizations and medical device manufacturers are also investigating alternatives for PVC, polycarbonate, and even other materials, based on interviews at MD&M.

One example is blood therapy and management equipment where Tritan copolyester from Eastman Chemical is making inroads....
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