Medical Musings: Study, adapt, prosper


Winners in the fast-growing and changing medical plastics market will be technology specialists. New quality, cost and regulatory demands are rapidly upping the ante for processors who want to participate.

In that spirit, here are a few areas of specialization coupled with upcoming educational opportunities.

Close-tolerance, thin-walled catheters. Catheters are one of the biggest parts of the $48 billion US disposable medical supplies industry. The rise of minimally invasive surgeries is driving the demand for miniaturized, precision gel-free tubing. For inspiration, look at the thin walled, ultra high strength heat shrink tubing developed by the Advanced Polymers Group of Vention Medical. For starters, think about attending a two-day Technical Medical Seminar for Extrusion Engineers and Catheter Designers being held March 7-8 in Las Vegas by American Kuhne....
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