Medical Musings: It's time to shake up the FDA


In a presentation at Antec 2012 earlier this month, Dinesh V. Patwardhan gave an interesting presentation on the technical capabilities in materials science of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

He was representing the Division of Chemistry & Material Science in the Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories. He discussed challenges in the FDA's work in areas such as nanomaterials and new uses for bioabsorbable materials.

He didn't make any news, and one thing he didn't say is that scientists like him are sadly lacking in the resources needed to properly do their jobs.

The United States has the largest health care tab in the world and the most amazing medical innovation engine in the world. Yet, we usually aren't the first to benefit from the latest technologies-even those invented on our own shores-in part because of an undermanned and underfunded FDA....
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