Materials having their day at Shanghai's World Expo


The Shanghai World Expo opened its gates in May, offering visitors a look at the future of the world’s cities. In some pavilions, that means robots, in others it means cool-looking, three-wheeled people movers. To plastics companies, however, the slogan of the 2010 World Expo, “Better City, Better Life,” means materials.

The expo, the modern incarnation of the World’s Fair, runs from May 1 until the end of October, offering an unparalleled opportunity to reach a Chinese audience. Companies participating in the expo are using the event to showcase eco-friendly and cutting-edge materials, some hoping to gain exposure in China, others using the event to build their profile internationally.

“The pavilion is a great opportunity for UPM to tell about its new material and its possibilities and properties in an international, high-profile project,” said Markku Koivisto, director of UPM’s new ProFi material business. ProFi combines recycled ...
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