Material drying: compact unit targets medical; touch-screen controls added to existing lines


Medical molders wanting a dryer that uses compressed air and a proprietary membrane to remove moisture, instead of desiccant beads and their occasional dust, have a new compact option specifically designed for processing small quantities of material up to 5 lb/hr. Novatec's NDM-5 medical dryer, which was launched at NPE2012, is based on the same principle as the company's non-desiccant NovaDrier, which was introduced more than 12 years ago.

Mark Haynie, Novatec's dryers product manager, stated in a release that "any type of resin" can be dried with the machine, which is compact enough to be machine mounted. The design also allows materials to be changed by removing the integral glass hopper and replacing it with a spare hopper containing another material.
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