Material Thoughts: PolyOne in packaging, Victrex in Japan, Evonik in Europe, PP vs. PVC and bioplastics in TPVs


This iteration of Material Thoughts, our look at recent developments in plastics, compounds and additives, considers a new fatty food-approved TPE from PolyOne, two small news items regarding PEEK, why a PP compound may be able to replace PVC in some applications, and a new project to develop TPVs based largely on renewable resource materials.

First to plastics compounder and supplier PolyOne, whose GLS business unit for thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) last month at the Chinaplas trade show introduced Versaflex FFC 2882-87,a new TPE grade that meets both China's regulatory requirement GB4806.1-94 and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) n-hexane extraction requirements under 21 CFR §177.2600.

"To help manufacturers create products that meet both GB and FDA requirements for fatty food contact, we've developed a new grade of Versaflex FFC TPE," explained Rick Noller, director of global marketing. "Our goal was to develop regulatory-compliant materials that could help our customers gain a significant competitive edge by increasing the ability of their final products to pass increasingly tougher regulatory hurdles."...
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