Material Thoughts: Doctor, can you PEEK into my mouth?


In this Material Thoughts roundup of recent developments in plastics, fillers and additives, we report on the use of PEEK in dental implants, RTP's conductive compound charging a customer's application, a new Struktol lubricant for polyamides, and the introduction of Oxsoft, a range of phthalate-free and non-VOC plasticizers.

First the polyether ether ketone (PEEK) dental application: Milling blanks for dental crown and bridge implants typically are made from ceramic or metal, but dental technology supplier NT-Trading now offers such blanks formed from PEEK. NT-Trading is sourcing the material for these dental implants from plastics and chemicals supplier Evonik Industries, which markets its PEEK under the Vestakeep brand name.

NT-Trading says its new semi-finished products, called Dentokeep, have mechanical properties superior to those of conventional semi-finished products, are easier to process than ceramics, and-compared to titanium-also are suitable for patients with allergies. PEEK also is more elastic than metal, making these implants more comfortable for patients....
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