Material Thoughts: Additive for PC/ABS, pipe liner technology, Teijin’s film ops


In this Material Thoughts article we detail a new additive from Arkema for processing of PC/ABS, Evonik's work with PA12 as a pipe liner solution, and Teijin's reopening of a PET film plant it closed following the earthquake in Japan on March 11.

From Arkema Inc. (Philadelphia) comes a new additive, Durastrength 410, an impact modifier that the supplier says brings good impact strength and improved flow to PC/ABS and other select polycarbonate compounds.

A small amount of Durastrength 410 impact modifier incorporated into select PC formulations improves the impact and flow behavior, enabling easier processing and more durable end use properties in the resulting injection molded or extruded product, claims Arkema. Processors can also use it to help them to incorporate more recyclate in their formulations without sacrificing mechanical performance....
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