JJ Plastalloy Pvt Ltd
The Experienced and Skilled team of JJ Plastalloy Pvt Ltd has developed a special Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch suitable for PP Non Woven fabrics. The product is highly in demand by all the Non Woven Fabric manufacturer. Till now most of the Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers did not have any reliable and quality oriented source of Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches. They were facing a stiff competition from the Chinese fabric manufacturers. Sensing the requirement of the market, Sivathene NW03P was developed and trialled at various places. The product became an instant success and the fabric manufacturers are adding upto 15% of this Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch very comfortably in their processing line. The addition level varies as per the specification of the fabric. There is a great reduction in cost of the product and this Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch is a great value for money.

This Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch gives absolutely smooth and homogenous fabric without any un melted particle or dark patches. All the mechanical, aesthetic, physical and other properties of the fabric remain the very same. In no way the quality of fabric is being compromised here. In fact the fabric becomes environment friendly and has better carbon footprints.

Not only this JJ Plastalloy has got specific tailor made products for all the plastic processing applications. More details about them and their product can be obtained from www.jjplastalloy.com