Maruka finds a match for FCS machines in North American market

For Maruka USA, FCS had the right machine at the right time as the distributor of plastics and metal working machinery dealt with a shift away from hydraulic injection molding machines by its existing press brand, Toyo. "FCS and Maruka have been an ideal fit, and like many other things in the life, it was a matter or timing," Dale Bartholemew, product manager for Maruka USA's injection molding division told PlasticsToday. "When Toyo exited the hydraulic market, FCS was there."

FCS (Fu Chun Shin), a Taiwanese machine manufacturer founded in 1974, reentered the North American market this year, starting with the PLASTEC West event in February in Anaheim. Bartholemew said Maruka left that event with several orders for FCS machines, as it did at PLASTEC East and would do so from PLASTEC Midwest. In Chicago, the company displayed an FCS Servo Assist hydraulic press molding business card holders from a two-cavity mold in an automated cell.

"The reception for FCS has been very positive," Bartholemew said. "Some people don't want to pay the premium you see for all-electrics; for them, FCS is a good fit. It's also a good fit for people changing from older molding machines."

Bartholemew noted that FCS had tried to enter the North American market before without success before this latest bid....

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