Marketing Musings: Be prepared! Trade show readiness


It never ceases to amaze me how totally unprepared companies are for trade shows. Typically the large companies with marketing and PR staff are prepared, but many small-to-mid-sized companies will spend thousands on a booth at a trade show and fail to prepare with good promotional materials.

This spring I’ve been to a few trade shows, and this week I’m heading to the Amerimold show. As I go from booth to booth talking to people, I ask them, “What’s new?” Sometimes they say something like “Oh, nothing much. We bought three new presses,” or “We just added three seats of new software.” They say this like it’s really nothing that anyone needs to know.

When I ask them if they have a prepared press release on their new equipment or company expansion, they give me a blank stare. Okay, so no press release because you fail to see the importance of getting the word out.
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