Market Study: Polyethylene - LDPE

Ceresana Research has published a new study that details the global market for LDPE (low density polyethylene), including prognoses until 2016. The study provides an insight into market dynamics, innovations, as well as global and regional trends, such as the following: According to the study, the primary markets for this plastic include films, carrying bags, and sacks. Roughly 67 % of global LDPE demand falls into these categories.

LDPE prices have fallen by as much as 30 % in certain regions. Western Europe and North America are additionally seeing considerable decreases in demand. Consequently, global revenue has fallen to EUR 15.9 billion (USD 22.2 billion). However, Ceresana expects to see growth again starting in 2011.

The Asian Pacific region will be the most important LDPE market and will be able to increase its share of global consumption to more than 39 %. In the Middle East LDPE production capacity increases of around 3.5 million t are planned to take place by 2014. As a result, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran will become the world's largest exporters of plastics.