Maquiladora companies raising their technology


Mexico used to be the place where manufacturing was down-and-dirty, with big demand for semi-skilled or unskilled blue-collar laborers. Collectron International Management Inc. (Nogales, AZ) is helping change that image. Collectron was the original "Shelter Program" provider, having coined the term and developed the model some 40 years ago, according to Maria Elena Rigoli, president of Collectron.

The model was helping companies in the U.S., and other foreign countries, establish operations in Mexico without the expense normally involved in a "greenfield" operation. As manufacturing requirements, and trade laws surrounding the maquiladora, or "twin plant" concept have changed, Collectron has positioned itself as a premier company to make manufacturing in Mexico easy and cost effective.

"The Shelter Program gives foreign companies the opportunity to establish manufacturing operations in Mexico without having to incorporate in Mexico," Rigoli explains. "Many times companies want to test the waters first, and the Shelter Program is a good way to do this."...
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