Many questions on residence time and shot volume during recent Injection Molding Expert webinar


If the shot capacity of a machine does not take into account the material in the flights, then how does one calculate accurate residence time? Is shot volume less than 20% of barrel size absolutely to be avoided? Is it best for part performance to select a low MFR material? Mike Sepe, the Materials Analyst of Injection Molding Magazine fame and host of our six-part Injection Molding Expert webinar series, fielded these and many other questions from molders during the live Q&A following last Wednesday's webcast on "The role of the molding machine in the manufacturing process."

This series of 60-minute webinars is designed to help you move from pellet to part, covering design, materials handling, process optimization, and more, to help you become even better at your trade. Typically Mike's presentation lasts about 40 minutes, leaving 20 minutes for processors to ask their questions via live chat tool. During webcasts, a processor sees a presentation's slides on his computer screen and hears the presentation, and then the answers to questions, using his computer's speakers.
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