Manufacturing shifts from most- to least-outsourced function


With companies in the tech sector sending fewer jobs overseas, hiring in the U.S. is expected to increase, according to the release of a study by BDO USA LLP, an accounting and consulting firm. The study shows that outsourcing in the U.S. technology industry has declined for the third straight year. Just 12% of the respondents to the survey upon which the study was based said they currently outsource services or manufacturing to companies outside of the U.S.

“This marks a notable shift from 2009 when nearly twice as many companies (62%) were outsourcing,” said BDO USA.

Manufacturing went from “Most Outsourced Function” in 2011 (53%), 2010 (51%) and 2009 (54%), to the “Least Outsourced Function” in 2012 (33%), representing a major shift. Likely contributors to this change, said the report, are natural disasters in both Japan and Thailand that are still not completely remedied that caused major supply chain disruptions. ...
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