Manufacturing rebounds - So what's the problem?


Several recent surveys show that manufacturing is rebounding. That's good news for processors and mold manufacturers whose business seems to be maintaining a steady pace. The August U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) report, a joint effort of the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) and the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association (AMTDA), shows that manufacturing technology orders are up 101% YTD from the same period a year ago.

Manufacturing technology orders totaled $460.61 million and provided the hopeful headline, however Augusts' orders were down 9.4% from July. That said, they were still up 88.5% when compared with the total of $244.35 million reported for August 2010.

It would appear that it's the "roller coaster" that has created a lot of uncertainty in the country. We should be used to this by now - it's a way of life for most manufacturers as companies ride the ebbs and flows of demand. And it's this understanding that may be responsible for the optimism that peeks through in these studies.

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