Manner introduces precision dosing for micro parts

Precision dosing units for "drip irrigation" systems - known as flat drippers - are in big demand in many parts of the world where irrigation is critical to crop growth. Manner Solutions, a manufacturer of hot runner systems, showcased a 64-cavity mold for these small (approximately 6mm wide x 25 mm long x 2 mm high) molded PE parts at the recent K Show, running 1.8 second cycles.

The complex geometry of the small molded flat drippers places extremely high demands on uniform filling of the mold cavities in ultra short cycles. To meet these demands, Manner developed a 64-cavity mold equipped with Manner's own valve gate hot runner system, which the company called the "fastest mold at K." The mold ran in an Arburg AllRounder 470 A electric injection molding system.

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