Mann + Hummel Protec: Precisely dosed sausage casing

With its production facilities and company headquarters located in Rostov-on-Don, one of the largest cities in the European region of Russia, today Atlantis-Pak in one of the world's top-ten manufacturers of artificial sausage casing. In mid-July 2011, Mann + Hummel Protec again delivered system engineering for the material treatment for two three-layer extrusion machines to Atlantis-Pak. These machines are designed for the manufacturing of artificial multi-layer sausage casing, biaxially stretched in accordance with a special blown film process. The equipment software not only controls the machine's dosing systems and conveyors, but the entire multilayer extrusion line - from the material handling via the management of the extrusion compound through to the removing and winder units.

For the recently delivered equipment technology, the requirements made by Atlantis-Pak were that every layer of the compound casing could be composed of up to four different materials - primarily polyamides and polyolefins. On top of that, each extruder of the three-layer equipment receives a gravimetric dosing and mixing system Somos Gramix Compact 100 equipped for the precise dosing of four materials based on arbitrary formulas. Four FG 200 material conveying machines automatically assume the refilling process of the material components and, in order to regulate the extruder, a so-called hopper scale continually monitors the throughput of the material mixture. The total throughput is about 60 kg/h up to a maximum of 80 kg/h. In this way, Atlantis-Pak is able to flexibly and very economically produce small batch sizes on its own.

At the end of last year, the same equipment technology for two three-layer manufacturing lines - in total six Gramix Compact 100 dosing and mixing systems, six hopper wagons and 24 conveyors as well as corresponding control technology - was also sent to Rostov and has now been integrated into series production. In order to keep pace with the ongoing growth of the company, new equipment is currently being planned.

Worldwide the first PA casing for Frankfurter sausages
During its founding in 1993, the company initially worked with the extrusion of polyamide (PA) films. At that time, it began tinkering with the idea of offering artificial sausage skin made from a PA monolayer to the local meat industry. Later sold under the brand name Amipak, it was the first polyamide sausage casing worldwide for Frankfurter and Wiener sausages. Within one year's time, about one-fourth of all Frankfurter sausages in Russia were sold in this sausage casing. The product range was continually expanded with numerous new product developments. Today, the company manufactures sausage casings in 12 basic types with more than 30 variations and, in addition, in different calibres adjusted to meet the large diversity of sausage types. Aside from ne-layer casings, the delivery programme includes various barrier systems with three, five and now even seven layers. Shrink foil for packaging and transportation of sausages and other meat and dairy products and a diverse service offering complement the range of products and services.