Magnetic design foils to enhance cards

Kurz offers colorful magnetic foils for sophisticated card designs

A magnetic foil leads a Cinderella existence. Brown and unembellished, it performs its duty and is no longer noticed. Worst case, its dull appearance may even be perceived as obtrusive, for example on stylishly designed cards. This is all about to change, however, according to Kurz. This international component supplier for the card industry has released to the market four magnetic foil design ranges that are veritable eye-catchers. The foil designs BlackLine, ColorLine, TwinLine and LaserLine Magnetics have been developed to enhance the value of customer loyalty cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, service cards or membership cards.

"These sorts of cards always serve as a kind of business card for the company issuing them”, explains Günther Friedl, Card Technology Product Manager at Kurz. "An elegantly designed card signifies high quality products or first-class service. Our magnetic design foils add the final touch to an elaborate card design, and demonstrate, in a sophisticated manner, the high service standards of the company”.

Magnetic foils in trendy colors

BlackLine Magnetics is a black magnetic foil that has been overprinted with a fine detail pattern in gray or silver. The foil is available in three different design classes. The first grade exhibits a discreet printed image that is only recognizable on closer examination. The second variant offers an elegant design that provides a classy look, and the third variant, on the other hand, is a stunning eye-catcher.

The ColorLine Magnetics foil reflects current color trends and comes in elegant white. According to Kurz, white magnetic foils are becoming ever more popular among card designers. As designers move more and more towards white and natural tones in their card designs, the conventional brown magnetic foils are no longer suitable. Although the demand has existed for some time, ColorLine Magnetics is the first white magnetic foil on the market. As Friedl reports, white magnetic foils are very difficult to produce. The magnetic properties are highly dependent on the characteristics of the upper layers. White foil requires a very thick top layer, which affects the magnetic properties. That is why Kurz is very proud to have developed these white magnetic foils, which fulfill all the stringent requirements that the card industry places on the dynamic magnetic properties of these foils.

Color changes as the incident light varies

The company Kurz is also very pleased to have developed the LaserLine Magnetics holographic foil. The history of holographic magnetic foils has been variable. An attractive holographic element that also offers the functionality of a magnetic foil appears to be a perfect combination, however the electrostatic properties of these magnetic foils have always been a critical factor. In past applications, some card readers at POS have malfunctioned due to the negative impact of electrostatic discharge on the holographic magnetic foil. The LaserLine Magnetics range from Kurz represents a new generation of holographic magnetic foils that are largely insensitive to electrostatic discharge. The suitability of LaserLine Magnetics for credit card applications has been confirmed by a large credit card institution.

While the LaserLine Magnetics foils exhibit a glittering rainbow design, the TwinLine Magnetics foils offer a complete color switch as the viewing angle changes. As the card is tilted to the left and to the right, the color changes from green to red or, in a second variant, from blue to brown. "TwinLine Magnetics was created in order to turn a boring magnetic foil into a playful and eye-catching element that can visually enhance any card”, explains the product manager Friedl. He emphasizes, in particular, that all four design lines give the card an exclusive appearance without disrupting the normal functioning of these new magnetic foils in any way. The design foils offer the same reliability and ease of processing as customers have come to expect from all Kurz magnetic foils.