Wacker Chemie AG

Magnetic Silicone Elastomers for New Applications

ELASTOSIL® 781/80 stands for a new product generation of silicone elastomers that has an outstanding property profile which will open up new applications. The new solid silicone rubber contains tiny particles of metal oxide which impart magnetic properties to the molded end part and which can be used with advantage in all manner of ways, e.g. as flexible closure elements in refrigerators and as gaskets which can be detected by metal detectors. The roughly 40 µm magnetite particles firmly embedded in the silicone render end products made from ELASTOSIL® 781/80 highly magnetic. This makes the manufacturing process for such elements much more efficient, because there is no longer any need to incorporate the magnets into the rubber gasket by hand. The highly filled silicone elastomer contains 70% w/w magnetite and has a Shore A hardness value of 80. The ingredients of the innovative silicone elastomers comply with the pertinent recommendations of the German Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and the FDA in America. The product is therefore ideal for food-contact applications.

ELASTOSIL® 781/80 can be used as supplied or blended with other silicones from the ELASTOSIL® R and R plus series. As a result, the magnetic properties are virtually infinitely adjustable. The product can be compression molded and extruded.