Mack Molding rightsizes its cardboard footprint with on-demand packaging


Reducing, reusing and recycling are still big buzz words in plastics processing plants, and that's certainly true of Mack Molding, which has extended the concepts to its use of cardboard. The company's efforts to minimize cardboard consumption in its own packaging of components have been very successful, so much so that Mack, which has been designated an Environmental Leader by the state of Vermont, expects to simultaneously recycle six times more corrugated during the next 12 months, from its current 45,000 lb annually to 135 tons per year. This dramatic improvement is the result of three steps the company has recently taken to revamp its corrugated packaging operation.

On-demand packaging
First, Mack will reduce its corrugated spend and improve operational efficiency through the on-demand packaging system it just installed. This system produces "right-sized" boxes as needed for roughly 80% of Mack's packaging needs. Called "Packsize," the system significantly minimizes the need for generic boxes that have to be ordered, received, warehoused, and ultimately tailored to suit various product sizes. "This is wasted time, space, material and resources," said Jeff Somple, president of Mack's Northern Operations. "With Packsize, we fully expect to reduce our overall packaging costs by 20%." ...
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