Machinery outlook for 2012 looking bright


According to The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), the forecast for manufacturing technology demand calls for "continued but slower growth." That comment comes on the heels of a resurgence in U.S. manufacturing technology orders that put the year-to-date (Dec. 26, 2011) total at $463.32 million, up 80.5% compared with 2010, and the second highest dollar amount in the last 15 years.

"It's long been recognized that analysis of manufacturing technology orders provides a reliable leading economic indicator, as it is an indicator that manufacturing firms are investing in capital equipment to increase their capacity and improve productivity," said Douglas K. Woods, AMT president. "These machines and devices are the equipment that turn raw materials such as steel, iron, plastic, ceramics, composites and alloys from their original state as stock materials into what will become durable goods such as airplanes, cars, and appliances, as well as consumer and other goods that are used every day."
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