MTI Mischtechnik: Uni tec® universal mixer for time and cost efficient workflows

Uni tec® is a newly developed, individually designed general-purpose mixer provided by MTI Mischtechnik for manually or fully automatically controlled preparation of bulk materials in the chemical, plastics processing, and other industries. Depending on its configuration, uses of the new mixer unit range from homogenizing bulk stock of diverse material characteristics to performing complex processing cycles aimed at providing specific product properties. MTI launched this vertical mixer, which delivers an outstanding mixture quality, at the Powtech trade fair from 11 - 13 October 2011 in Nürnberg.

The design criteria of the mixing vessel, mixing tool and optional chopper systems are variable over a very broad range. As a result, the unit can be optimally adapted to specific application needs - from gentle homogenization of the most sensitive starting materials to the pre-dispersion of, e.g., cohesive pigments. Further options - including spraying systems for fluids, a double jacket for temperature-controlled process management, and a vacuum-proof or pressure shock resistant design of the mixing vessel - are available to handle even coating and granulating tasks with high accuracy and repeatability. Thanks to the particularly operator-friendly design of the new Uni tec® universal mixer, it ensures convenient filling, evacuating and cleaning in every situation.

According to Christian Honemeyer, MTI´s CEO, the benefits of the new system can be summarized thus: "The new Uni tec® system combines high ease of use, maximum process reliability and safety, as well as application-focused configurability in one single unit. This standard-setting combination enables users to obtain high-quality mixing results with remarkably superior efficiencies compared to most conventional mixers. Needless to say, MTI´s products conform to all applicable codes and regulations including ATEX requirements according to the raw material property specifications. The Uni tec® control system and the safety technology employed meet all demands on advanced, flexible production equipment performing to the highest quality standards."