MRPC wins back customer from Chinese supplier


Several years ago, MRPC made a strategic business decision to allow a large portion of business from a long-time customer to go to an offshore molder. The customer began looking for ways to reduce manufacturing costs of their product, and was lured by the low costs associated with an Asian supplier. When they retooled and moved to the job to China, MRPC thought the work was gone for good.

"We just couldn't give them the cost reduction they were looking for at the time," explained Shane Mesenberg, upper Midwest territory manager for MRPC. However, over the past few years, MRPC has made some management and strategic changes to its operations. Mesenberg was brought on board, and this particular customer was in his territory. In talking about potential business in his region, this customer came up and Mesenberg decided to call on them and see how things were going with the Chinese supplier.

"The customer's goal was to reduce costs on this product by a certain percentage every year, but they'd hit a wall for a number of reasons," Mesenberg said. "We decided to take a look at this product and see if we could find a way to bring the business back home."...
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