Moretto S.p.A.

MORETTO OMS&P Center equipped with state-of-the-art technology Processing of plastics raw materials taught with future in mind

OMS&P Center inaugurated -
MORETTO S.p.A., Massanzago (PD) in Italy, has recently opened the so-called OMS&P Center in the presence of 35 Italian representatives and trading partners of this manufacturer of automation equipment and systems for the processing of plastics. Behind OMS&P – Original Moretto Systems & People – stands the credo that motivates everyone at MORETTO in their lives, their working together and their research and development “… for the ‘Catena del Valore’, the value-added chain, to give our customers competitive advantages and subsequently also for us”, as expressed by Renato Moretto.

Training for customers and the MORETTO staff -
The OMS&P insignia now embellishes the entrance to this spacious training centre at the MORETTO headquarters in Massanzago – a total area of 450 m² displaying close to the company’s entire product portfolio. The OMS&P Center offers customers and members of staff every means of contemporary didactics – right through to ‘hands-on’ training by experienced teaching supervisors. State-of-the-art audio-visual computer supported tuition, measuring and recording technologies are available for a maximum of 40 participants at a time.

Practice makes perfect -
The safe and correct handling of the latest equipment and systems is designed to increase productivity, improve the utilization ratio machine/raw material, and to achieve maximum possible process management, longevity of the equipment, not forgetting long-term energy savings, thus – first and foremost – to accomplish increased levels of efficiency at customers’ installations.

Innovations assure a prosperous future -
The most of the exhibits are equipped with innovative user-friendly touch-screen panels recently developed. This assures safe and easy control of the relevant equipment unit or system; it is the user interface of the high-performance storable programme control software and hardware which manages and optimises the entire process ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak. As a result, the storable programme control automates all subsequent process variables corresponding to the principle “increase performance – decrease costs”.

155 individual units of equipment are presented -
Visitors and those eager to learn are enjoying maximum benefits at the OMS&P Center, as they find themselves in the presence of in excess of 155 single units of equipment in operation, systems components and ancillary equipment modules for the transport of materials, for dehumidifying, drying, granulation, dosing, storage, temperature controlling, and cooling, as well as centralized systems. Particular interest is always shown in new developments – approximately 80 percent of the products contained in the MORETTO product range have been modernised and further developed over the last few years.