MMP Corporation Ltd.

MMP Products

M Wrap- Special grade Polyvinyl Chloride made using advance Japanese technology. M Wrap is a multi purpose cling film that can be used with food or other products as needed. Wrapping machines are supplied with M Wrap as needed for your convenience.


M Stretch- Top grade stretch film that comes in 3-5-7 layers. Made from a special Mettalocene Octene based Linear Low Density Polyethylene(LLDPE) resin to ensure top quality. M stretch is a durable pallet wrapping stretch film that is used globally. M Stretch comes in a variety of colors and sizes as needed.


M Foil- Multipurpose aluminum foil used for cooking,wrapping food or other products. M Foil durable and easy to use.


M KOOL- Innovative evaporating air condition units that mix water with cold air to ensure a comfortable temperature. M KOOL can be used both in doors and outside and come in different sizes to suit your needs. M KOOL can decrease temperatures up to 10ºC depending on conditions.


M Gloves- High quality multipurpose plastic gloves made from Low Density Polyethylene. Very durable and flexible.


M Shrink- A Shrink film made from high quality polyolefin. Used for protecting products from being destroyed and to secure products so they don’t break. Film is durable and made with top quality, when applied with heat, it will ensure a perfect fit around the produc


M Strap- Hand held multipurpose packaging film used to wrap products. Easy to use and very durable film.


M Bags- Multipurpose plastic bags. Great to use with food. Bags are FDA approved and can withstand -30 degrees Celsius.


M Slim- Plastic weight losse film used to burn fat. Film is easy to use and can be adjusted as needed to ensure the right fit.


M Clean- Multipurpose lemon scented dish washing soap.


M Tape- Durable and easy to use packaging tape