MMI Engineered Solutions invests $2 million in injection molding technology

MMI Engineered Solutions (MMI) announced an investment of $2 million to expand its capabilities and capacity in injection molding technology for their material handling and component applications business segments. MMI is adding molding equipment that includes tonnages of 85, 470, and 2250 to their current fleet in the Saline, MI facility that presently range from 85 to 1500 tons. Each new press will have fully integrated robots to optimize productivity, quality and throughput.

The company chose the largest machine, a VH2000-22500 two-platen machine by Negri Bossi, because it offered exactly what MMI was looking for in terms of performance, specification, and availability. Equipped with integrated hot runner controls, SPC and QC software, an eDart interface, and parameter-change tracking, the user has the tools necessary for precise process control and quality monitoring. ...

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