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ML Engraving runs Cactooos -The Engraving Network

ML Engraving runs Cactooos - The Engraving Network
Surface textures play a significant role in order to determine the success of a product. In a globalized and extremely competitive market, it takes great attention to every detail i.e. customized and complex textures, that give a brand new look to the goods.

ML Engraving, the leader in mold texturing by means of laser technology, announces the born of Cactooos – The Engraving Network.

Cactooos marks a turning point in the surface texturing on moulds because it offers the Client the widest range of technologies available on the international market.
Cactooos is in the service of creativity to push innovation to the highest, most extreme and most ambitious levels, increasing the perceived value of the Client’s final product.

Cactooos provides its Clients with:

- digital design services;
- engraving services;
- special services;
- engineering division.

Take a look to discover Cactooos - The Engraving Network www.cactooos.com .