MHM - Moss Hybrid Machine


MHM is a printing solution tailor made according to the customer’s needs. It has an extremely flexible motor system which makes possible to create a desired machine configuration without having to decide beforehand the number of stations.

As its name pre-announces, it makes possible to combine different printing technologies.

The machine we are showing here has a silk-screen unit plus a digital heat transfer device capable of granting an excellent photo printing quality with very high resolution (1.200 dpi).

It has a 12-station indexing turret supporting mandrels individually servo-assisted in order to avoid the use of printing gears.


The brand new silk-screen printing device is totally servo assisted in all its functions and adjustments (3 axis) by remote control.

Machine movements controlled by servo-motors make possible to use dedicated software CNC (Computer Numerical Control) to achieve a continuous decoration on objects having different shapes/outline. Moreover, this technology allows machine adjustments by remote controls without stopping the main machine operation.

Machine models having indexing turrets with an increased number of stations can allow different configurations and offer a larger number of silk-screen colors.

Color drying is arranged by UV - LED lamps, having a very low power consumption compared to conventional mercury-vapor UV lamps.

UV – LED systems have a very low heat emission which makes machine operation easier in 24/7 non-stop runs.