MD&M East: Silver platelets key to new antimicrobial approach

Technologies to attack hospital infections are continuing to advance, including one that will be on display next week at MD&M East in Philadelphia.

Infinity Compounding Corp. (Logan Township, NJ), is launching a new line of antimicrobial concentrates and compounds at MD&M East. The new Inhibit antimicrobial additives are based on silver functionalized clay and prevent growth of bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms in a variety of applications.

"We are pleased to showcase and launch Inhibit at MD&M East as it has a variety of features and benefits that directly relate to the medical industry," said Tim Carroll, VP, Infinity Compounding Corp. "With the ability to add antimicrobial functionality to any structural, lubricated, electrically active or colored custom compound, we are able to help our customers achieve a fully functional antimicrobial product."

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